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Welcome to the murderers page! Here you can find out info on the different murderers of the crimes. It's sad to read. So just a warning some of them maybe graphic! I'm so sorry if it's upsetting. It's disgusting and sick! May all the victims rest in peace. God bless.

the murderers

click the links below to find out about these horrible killers!
Shanda Killers Barsi Killer Jonbenet Killer parkland killer Watt's Killer Skylar Killers


welcome to the murderers page!
find out more info on the horrible kilelrs... "NOTE" I'll try to make it less graphic!

Posted the Shanda Sharer's Killers page! That's done! I just gotta update more of these pages. But I will tomorrow morning. I'm just too tired to udpate them now. lol! But they'll get done eventually. If you have any info on these stories you'd like me to post please send them to me. I'll be happy to add your name, etc. And give you full credit of the story ofc. I would love to sit down and talk with Laurie Tackett and Melinda Loveless. I would like to interview them and ask them why they did what they did. I'm glad they served time but it wasn't enough time for what they did. They're now adults. And are relased from prison. But the memory still lingers on the web and still in the area probably. Poor Jackie Vaught can't get away from the crime. I pray for them. I pray they find the strength to move on. And not have to grieve so much. It's a sad story. They need to grieve when ever they can. They're gone but not forgotten. Love you Jack Vaught & Paige So sorry for your loss.